This facet of landscaping is one of our key areas of work. Because of our meticulous attention to detail our stonework is instantly recognisable by those in the area who have witnessed it.

Retaining Walls

Stone retaining walls if founded correctly on suitable footings should outlast any modern house and potentially can last thousands of years.

Retaining walls are commonly used on sloping sites and are the first elements to be constructed in the landscape process. They are the structural basis of many landscape settings and as such are afforded stringent attention.

There are many types of stone used for retaining walls, from the locally abundant basalt (volcanic in origin) to the sedimentary forms of which sandstone is one of our favourite materials. When one of our workers handsplits a block of late Jurassic sandstone after some 260 million years of existence, they understand the responsibility there is to make good use of it!

Features and Entrances

Stonework at driveway and house entrances is becoming increasingly popular to add a touch of class to a property.

It can range from a simple letterbox to quite grand stone pillars with connecting free standing walls.

Plaques with family names and street or lot numbers can be embedded in their face.


Cut stone or random quarried stone can be used to clad brickwork or blockwork which is outdated or unsightly for other reasons. It produces a dramatic effect and tends to bring the house into the garden.

Stone can also be used to transform old masonry fireplaces into magnificent indoor focal points.